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"I am
just a mess
of anger, bones,
cold flesh and refusal
that cannot be
warmed or tempered
by anyone
doesn’t seem to fit

Me//My writing

sayschwette replied to your post: OH CHRIST
LMFAO. Ayo is such a summer feel good song tho omg. If she liked that song you should just…..put shinee’s first album on an ipod and….play it for her as she sleeps.

It is, I listened to it as I walked to my landlord’s office. Next time I’m in the kitchen I am blasting SHINee, I DO NOT CARE, I will make Shawols out of ALL OF THEM and probably swiftly regret it

LOL I love how you said “put SHINee’s first album on an ipod” like I haven’t put their whole discography (yes even their horribad Japanese album) on my ipod and haven’t taken it off since last summer LUCIFER HAS WELL OVER 300 PLAYS

covenesque replied to your post: OH CHRIST
oh man i’ve had some many pandora sikes in my life with other people. it sucks because it’s a tiny bit of hope quickly dashed. FUCK UUUUUU I NEED SOMEONE TO SHARE MY WEIRD WITH.


I have been trying to look for kpop fan friends in my area though I have no idea how to go about finding more. I only have 1 that I did not create myself (the wife likes Kpop, lover really digs 2NE1 and f(x) because of AMBER because gay, & my baby sister worships Big Bang ‘til the end of the world)

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  1. thesilverpowerranger said: am i that one you didn’t create yourself am i can i feel special
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