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"I am
just a mess
of anger, bones,
cold flesh and refusal
that cannot be
warmed or tempered
by anyone
doesn’t seem to fit

Me//My writing

Since I am one of five people that gives a shit about EXID, I sometimes go check to see if they have any new videos posted, you know, as a joke, because it’s been like 2 or so years since they did shit

and lo and behold, they released a new song and video five days ago?! I love it?!

convert you? from what, pray tell. what team could you possibly be on. PS you have also missed SBS roommate which involves chanyeol being an absolute PUPPY for EVERYONE

I’m not REVEALING MY SHAME TO YOU do not ask me about my damn shame teams (I wrote that taems that should tell you A FUCK TON)

no I don’t want a link or anything DO NOT LINK ME

Ari child

I will pretend you didn’t try to convert me to Chansoo



i am LITERALLY watching an EXO thing from this summer and DO is putting Chanyeol into a suffocatng headlock right now
Actually Chansoo is being pushed as a popular ship
NO not OK

I don’t even know where to begin my life is just like poooooooooooshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so much shit has happened

I moved and am moving again soon, lost my main job at the brewery (JUST A WEEK OR TWO BEFORE MY TWO YEARS WORKING THERE) but kept the other one at the farm to table, got two other secondary jobs and quit each one because they sucked and I am honestly sick of dishwashing, personal life has been blah blah blah, drama drama drama, some boy came and went, blah blah blah, etc etc. IDK, a mess but I am in one piece and here!

The most important things are that I write for Autostraddle now, and am still at Feminspire :D

that damn joke I made about Kyungsoo wanted to murder Chanyeol has like over 1400 notes

has he done it yet bc

*Magically shows up out of nowhere*

yo hey lol sup mang

Friendly reminder that I am blogging over at lbnppysd.tumblr.com these days & to go over there & shoot me a message so we can chat & reconnected

traumafaerie said: i would super watch that ngl

lmfao kk

I’ve done that so many times tho I’m such an ass. “I ranted about it on the internet go see my argument there I don’t wanna talk about this rn”

"I don’t want to talk about this with you at all here I’ll link you some arguments tho"

I just need to tattoo “#bye” to my forehead