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"I am
just a mess
of anger, bones,
cold flesh and refusal
that cannot be
warmed or tempered
by anyone
doesn’t seem to fit

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traumafaerie said: i would super watch that ngl

lmfao kk

I’ve done that so many times tho I’m such an ass. “I ranted about it on the internet go see my argument there I don’t wanna talk about this rn”

"I don’t want to talk about this with you at all here I’ll link you some arguments tho"

I just need to tattoo “#bye” to my forehead

This is my “unbuckle your pants and sit with your legs spread wide the fuck open while belching” blog

aka my safe space to talk shit and whatnot iluuuu


So, Macklemore has since come out and announced that he feels Kendrick was robbed for Best Rap Album at the Grammys. What he says is absolutely heartfelt and true. But, did he say this while he received the actual award? Is he going to give it back because he feels he doesn’t deserve it? Is he going to speak out against the politics behind why it was that he got the award and Kendrick didn’t? In short, is he actually going to do anything to challenge and call out what he claims he feels is “wrong”? Or is he gonna sit pretty “knowing” while Kendrick still experiences the snub?

This is ultimately my issue with “Privilege” politics and culture, and with Macklemore. I don’t mindlessly hate Macklemore. It isn’t that I don’t think  he is talented or isn’t saying cool shit-if you followed me at my old blog back in the day, I sung his praises years before he got famous because of his song about “White Privilege”. With that song, I heard a white dude knowing that while he loves hip hop, he is operating within a system that privileges him and is biased in his favor, and every move is loaded. It is a song in which he is holding himself accountable. But nowadays, he isn’t doing that so much. He’s just grandstanding and taking advantage of everyone and everything and letting the praise roll in, all without without calling out the culture of ignorance, hate, and whitewashing that he has inspired and lead.

Meanwhile, people from the actual marginalized communities that he is taking from say the same things, he’s now taken upon himself to say as a white savior, except from a place of personal experience and identity, and don’t get the same visibility or accolades because we’re still too angry, too radical, we don’t coddle those in power enough. He’s Tim Wising the fuck out of our struggles.

And all the while, he doesn’t experience any of the drama and the backlash or the hate inherent with being the Other. There’s a new pushback in culture against hip hop, against rap, against Black folk, and I’ve been seeing white people finding new ways to discriminate against Black styles of music and culture or to tokenize hip hop to their benefit. Macklemore, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus Eminem, 2Chainz, Kanye, Jay-Z, Beyonce, they’ve all been cultural war-zones for pop culture racial politics, with Black folk getting the shit end of the stick and being told-“We don’t need you anymore, we’ve got these white people” or “Your culture is lowly and a joke.” But what’s Macklemore saying about any of it? I mean, he doesn’t have to right? It isn’t his problem, he’s just here to make a buck out of it.

He’s talking about these systems and these structures that do not hurt him or affect him in the slightest in the most passive way possible by centering and prioritizing himself and his voice and to the most benefit to himself, with no actual transgressive dialogue or action or risk taken so he doesn’t hurt his brand, hurt his money, or get flack from everyone. He will alienate no one and call out no dominate structures or dialogue. That’s the definition of “acting with privilege and being privileged” and fucked up. Why am I supposed to be impressed then by the fact that he merely knows he’s a white dude? What does that do to fix anything? What are you actually going to do about it, Macklemore?

We’ve got to demand more out of “People with privilege” in the sense that we demand they stop doing this shit, stop speaking for us. We have to stop giving out cookies and attention to people who don’t do shit beyond knowing they’ve got an advantage. We have to stop self-hating and prioritizing people with privilege in our struggles, stop others prioritizing people with privilege talking about our struggles because it is still too dangerous too them coming from us. We’ve especially gotta get mad at these people who STILL blatantly act on that advantage and that people listen to them and them only because that’s supremacy and racism and that’s the whole problem here. I’ve had enough with mediocrity and with disrespect and bigotry.

julesce said: if jesus is a real man who can make me forget all my fantasies

no he’s just some dude who hangs on stuff and makes us feel shame for our pervisions

julesce said: no briana save yourself before it’s too late and save me even though it’s too late for me

we need jesus

kris is lookin’ sexy again I might just come back hellO

I always question if I want to continue gaining visibility for my “feminist opinions” through more uniform or “mainstream” platforms or if I just wanna be some bitch on the innurnet and write some books or some shit with a disclaimer on my shit saying “naw don’t look up to me mang I don’t give a fuck about your shit I’m the devil”

because I am and will continue to be niggerish and I’m OK with the loss of face and capital that will get me and the shit I’ll catch but like I don’t wanna deal with none of that “O I thought you were BETTER THAN THAT” nonsense shit or feeling like I have to be some face of the struggle or some shit. I’m no martyr I’m just another girl in the system and I speak my truth even if it is imperfect at times, I don’t apologize for it but sometimes I feel like I need to abandon it and “Grow up” or whatever and part of that doesn’t jive with me. Like I’m immature and angry sometimes. I believe in the whole transformation of humans thru sincere and positive conversations about the ills in our society shit but I’m one girl and I really hate a lot of the gross shit in this world sometimes and I don’t have the grace to deal with it how others feel that I should.

I just want to wear a shirt that says “Fuck Amerikka” with my middle fingers in the air and a sucker in my mouth.