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"I am
just a mess
of anger, bones,
cold flesh and refusal
that cannot be
warmed or tempered
by anyone
doesn’t seem to fit

Me//My writing

Ari that’s just nasty

Did the censors at least try to protect citizens from TaeNips

I need to dust up on my fandom and group dynamics and idol personality knowledge bc my jokes are old and also apparently we like Taemin now? His face is still terrifying and his eyes still lack any life or soul? Did the Negaverse brainwash u?

changminor said: You like Deafheaven and kpop. That's pretty fuckin awesome (just like your writing).

Wow, thanks?! Always super cool to find people at the intersection of appreciating sapphic shit-angst poetry, kpop, and gazey black metal!

"They hate Onew the most"?

Onew hates himself the most

I imagine Jessica has already texted “Eat my ass you scum fuck” or “Tell your dad to stop calling me it was a one-time thing” or “I wouldn’t let you lick ejaculate from the bottom of my shoe” to the appropriate parties

krystal jung to sm ent: meet me in the fucking pit

Man knock on wood and salt circles and shit but who would get the boot in SHINee? Honestly they are all so broken and whipped. They might find Taemin’s human flesh mask and “stop his activities” for a month tho


SM ends up firing the idols one at a time. Until there is one left, and they can be happy together. The CEO’s long time and beloved friend……..the only one who understands them……………Shindong.

Where is that masterpost of Jessica talking to fans online where they are like “omg hold my hand please” and she is like “no” like she sasses then super hard and it is life-making

I am asking Deafheaven to cover Girls’ Generation at the show on Wednesday in honor of lord bitchface ice queen